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Spiked Thumb Helps Frog Become Both a Lover and a Fighter

Photo: N. Iwai Are you a lover and not a fighter? Not this frog! Japanese researcher Noriko Iwai of the University of Tokyo discovered that the rare and endangered Japanese Otton frog (Babina subaspera) [...]

Teenager dies during exorcism

A 13-year-old girl died while having an exorcism performed at a Buddhist church in southern Japan. The ritual involved what is known as a “waterfall s…

Sand Collection, Up Close

Mouser Williams collects sand from different parts of the world. He photographs his samples using a macro lens to get up close and personal, labeling their composition. This lovely sample is called Star Sand. This sand, found only on a few beaches in southern Japan, is made up entirely of the calcified shells of tiny organisms [...]