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The Other Space Race

“QUANTUM SHOT” #744Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Active Space Programs in Iran, Brazil, India, Japan, China, Israel… is it going to get crowded even without USA or Russia? Back in the early sixties, John F. Kennedy declared America’s intention of putting a man on the Moon, a dream that was fulfilled with the [...]

Around the World in Religious Traditions

VIAGRA FOR YOUR AFTERLIFE (Image credit: Flickr user sweart) Packing for the hereafter just got easier. According to a Chinese tradition, when a person dies, mourners should burn replicas of household items so the deceased can enjoy these in the afterlife. The hope is that if the dead are appeased with burnt offerings, their ghosts will refrain [...]

Why You Might Let Someone Crack a Coconut on your Head

It’s amazing to me how many different types of Hindu ceremonies there are, and how many I’m not familiar with. This National Geographic video showcases an annual ceremony in Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, where priests break one coconut after another on people’s heads as a way of thanking the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Apparently, devotees– [...]