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11 Product Names That Mean Unfortunate Things in Other Languages

Once in a while, an international company will come out with a new product, brand name or slogan that gets, well, seriously lost in translation. One famous example is Mitsubishi’s unfortunate 1973 decision to name its new SUV the “Pajero,” which translates in Spanish to “wanker.” Here are 11 more tragic, hilarious, and definitely off-color examples [...]

William Swallow’s Excellent Adventure

Back when Australia was a penal colony, Macquarie Harbor, Tasmania, was the place that Britain sent criminals who were really bad… or really clever. On August 16th, 1829, one William Swallow — a former sailor who used a long list of aliases — led a group of convicts who talked their way out of manacles [...]

Avatar Movie Theme Wedding | Dress Up

Avatar weddings in Pandora ‘really pathetic’ – Newlyweds have been screaming blue murder over their ‘Pandora weddings’ set among the stunning mountain range used in blockbuster movie Avatar. Enterprising events organisers in natural beauty spot Wu Lingyuan, southern China, are cashing in on the fact that James Cameron used their stunning mountain range as the inspiration [...]

Chinese Man Grows Horn On His Head

An elderly man in southern China has baffled medical experts after he began to grow a horn on his head. Huang Yuanfan, 84, says that the strange growth began as a small bump two years ago but just continued to grow. “I tried picking at it and even filing it but nothing changed it. The horn [...]

Man’s Shackles Have Grown into His Skin

Astonished medics are trying to save the hands of tormented Zhang Chuanqiu who was chained so tightly in an illegal prison that his flesh grew over his shackles.Zhang, 27, had been chained to a cowshed in Hunan, southern China, in 2005 after falling out with village officials over a loan to build his house.But his [...]

Hammered Guy Hammered 8-Inch Nail Into Own Skull

Someone tell Lin Ma that being hammered doesn’t mean that he should literally hammer his own skull: Hard-headed husband Lin Ma hammered a nail into his own skull after a bust up with his wife over his boozing. Lin, 66, of Yuyi, southern China, pounded the eight inch nail into his head when wife Su, 60, read [...]

Land of the Little People

Well, this is one way to deal with discrimination — hundreds of dwarves in southern China have chosen to live in a special mountain commune all their own, where residents must be less than four feet three inches tall to stay. They have their own fire brigade and police department, and now — to help [...]

world largest recordbreaking paintbrush

Chinese artist He Wenjun took that to an extreme when he decided to make some very, very big art – and has been declared a world record breaker for creating the largest paintbrush in the world. world largest record-breaking paintbrush He used the massive 12ft, 115lbs brush to create traditional calligraphy in a special exhibition in Nanchong, [...]