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Photographs of the Titanic

Here is the last known photograph of the RMS Titanic, on the morning of April 11th, 1912. It was taken by photographer and later priest Francis Browne, who traveled only from Southampton to Cork on the ship. Passengers had to be ferried away from the enormous boat, as the dock had no accommodations for a [...]

The First 3D Printed Aircraft

3d printing is such a new process that we are still discovering all the ways in which we can use it to enhance our lives. Well, the wait for the next big thing to print is over, because engineers from the UK have used the 3d printer to create an aircraft capable of flight. Made [...]

7 Curious Cases of Criminal Cats

Animals who steal are referred to as kleptomaniacs, or in the case of cats, “cat burglars,” but they most likely just think of themselves as collectors -they find something they like and take it, with no consideration of the ethics involved. Cats are particularly successful collectors, as they have the combination of curiosity, stealth, and [...]

Scientists To Drill Into the Earth’s Mantle, What Could Go Wrong?

Having ignored dozens of dire warnings from Hollywood and science-fiction novels about the dangers of doing so, scientists are forging ahead with plans to drill all the way through Earth’s thick crust and sample its hot mantle. “That has been a long-term ambition of earth scientists,” geologist Damon Teagle told National Geographic News. But a lack of [...]