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What Is Greenwich Mean Time?

Getty Images In south London, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, it’s possible to walk up to a metal strip running along the ground in a courtyard and, stepping over it with one foot, straddle the world. Suddenly, one half of your body is in the Western Hemisphere and the other is in the East. Sort of. [...]

Robber Wore Boxer Shorts as Disguise

Bad idea: robbing a convenience store. Better idea: robbing a convenience store in disguise. The reversal: The disguise is a pair of boxer shorts. The Telegraph has the story: Tazviona Maluge Bhebe, 40, stormed into an [...]

Venn Diagram of Mythical Creatures

This is a slice of cartoonist Jim Unwin’s diagram of mythical creatures. Unwin, based out of South London, is also noted around the Internet for his “virtual collection” of chairs from The Incredibles and as the designer of the video game Little Big Planet. Full sized image at the link. Artist’s Website Link via Popped Culture