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40,000 Watt Car Stereo System Gives New Hairdo

In what looks like some kind of truck that is outfitted with 40,000 watt stereo a young woman finds out exactly what some thumping base can do to your hair. Would hate to car pool with the guy who drives that. Her hair blows up from what I assume are the sound waves? (Can anyone [...]

The Sound Dampening Metamaterial Cloak

Researchers at Duke University have developed a cloak made of perforated plastic sheets that successfully dampen sound. The cloak is designed to prevent sound from traveling forward by guiding the sound waves through holes in the plastic sheets, thereby stopping the waves cold and registering the cloak as nothing more than a wall. Steven Cummer, [...]

Acoustic Levitation Integral to Mars Missions

One of the more daunting challenges of sending missions to Mars is the problem of dust. Due to the atmosphere and lack of displacing elements, the dust can be a menace to all forms of human operation. With challenges come great solutions, though; scientists are zeroing in on controlling the particles with acoustic levitation, as [...]