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Wet ‘n’ Wild by Slinkachu

“Little people” artist Slinkachu (featured on Neatorama before) created this clever installation of his tiny people playing on a tiny waterslide (what fun!) I got back from Fame Festival in Southern Italy last week, after spending a few days making installations around the city. I made six in all, including a few that used miniature speakers [...]

The Musical Light Bulbs of Michael Vorfeld

(Video Link) German percussionist Michael Vorfeld creates sound installations by turning different light bulbs on and off. The popping bulbs and flashing lights create a uniquely rhythmic experience for his live audiences. The above video is from a performance last February in Brussels. Official Website via Urlesque

The Sound Sculptures of Zimoun

(Video Link) Swiss artist Zimoun builds sound installations that create a unique audiovisual experience. This video is a compilation of many of his projects, including listening to woodworms at work using a microphone, an automat with selections representing different cities, and pvc hoses flopping about under the force of compressed air. You can see an archive [...]

Möbius Strip Music Box

(Video Link) Brooklyn-based artist Ranjit Bhatnagar works with sound installations and homemade instruments. He created this music box guided by a Möbius strip. It’d be perfect for playing “The Song That Never Ends“! Bhatnagar made the music box as part of a project to create a musical instrument every day for a month. Artist’s Website via Popular [...]