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Real Life Mario Coin Block

You ever feel a need for a little boost? Punch the underside of this wall-mounted box made by Instructables user Bruno Pasquini. It spits quarters (with appropriate sound effects) out of the top, just like the coin boxes in Super Mario Bros. You can watch a video of it working at the link. Link via Make [...]

TARDIS Cookie Jar

The interior of this TARDIS Cookie Jar ($31.95) may not be larger than the exterior like the time machine in Doctor Who, but it sure holds quite a bit of cookies. The geeky cookie jar plays back TARDIS sound effects when you open the lid. Link | A lot more fun hand-picked Doctor Who items at [...]

The Downside of Saving Energy

Holy Juan spotted this sign in a public restroom. There’s always a downside to doing the green thing, but if you’re good at sound effects, you can get away with it! Link

Home Sheep Home

Shaun the Sheep stars in a cute physics game in which you guide the sheep home. You have obstacles to cross, and three sheep of different mass. While you figure out a strategy, enjoy the artwork and sound effects. Link -via Metafilter

Larger Than Life R2D2 is Driveable

(Video Link) YouTube user dmalford1 built a R2D2 simulator that is large enough for an adult human to fit inside and drive it around. It makes appropriate light flashes, sound effects, and has a rotating dome. via Geekologie

College Student Brings Mechanical Typewriter to Class

(YouTube Link) Many college students use laptop computers to take notes during class. The student in this video, as a prank, took an old mechanical typewriter to a lecture for that purpose. The professor gets quite perturbed and asks him to mute the sound effects. via Gizmodo