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E.T. Hand

E.T. Hand – $24.95 Father’s Day is June 17th. Don’t just phone home. Get your geeky Dad a gift he will really love. Get him the E.T. Hand from the NeatoShop. This great prop replica of E.T.’s hand has a light-up finger. The finger glows when pressed. Warning: Dad may still try to talk you into pulling [...]

Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug

Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug – $27.95 Are you a Trekkie who thinks life should come complete with cool sound effects? You need the Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug from the NeatoShop. This 12 oz. ceramic mug, with Starfleet insignia, makes transporter sounds every time you set your mug on the platform. Now if [...]

Name That Game

Can you name the old school video game sound effect with the game it belongs to? This quiz is strangely addictive and kind of hard (depending on your knowledge of 1980’s era video games.) How many did you get right? Link

How to Make a Punch

Behind every great action movie there’s a team of great sound effect engineers wearing high heels to simulate footsteps and slapping gloved hands on various objects to simulate punches and kicks. The sound effect studios that enhance motion pictures and TV shows are typically a hodgepodge of various objects and instruments which are used in [...]