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Orange Porridge Storage

Orange you glad you read this post? Orange puns, love it! Sort of reminds me of that video with Anderson Cooper and Eminem from E60 a few years ago. Eminem says he doesn’t like when people say you can’t rhyme anything with orange and then precedes to rhyme orange with all kinds of things. Sort [...]

What Eddie Campbell’s Daughter Drew While He Worked On From Hell

The seminal graphic novel From Hell featured a superstar collaboration between Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, and while the duo worked away on this dark saga Eddie’s daughter Hayley, who was 7 years old at the time, had her own project in the works-The Ripper File. Full of grisly ways to meet one’s end, yet softened by [...]

Transform Your Wine Tasting Party With This Robotic Rack

This is the coolest looking wine rack I’ve ever seen, made out of junk auto parts to resemble some sort of Transformer-Terminator hybrid bot. I’m sure this metal sculpture looks every bit as awesome in person, but the photographer really should have moved the shoes and exercise ball(?) out of the shot, because it makes him [...]

Video Game Themed Restaurant Will Serve Delicious Brain Cakes

This is not the sort of place you’ll want to take your grandma for lunch, this is the Capcom Bar, a themed restaurant which will feature food and desserts styled after video games. Video games and food-two great things that go great together! So, there’s Resident Evil brain cakes, Monster Hunter well done meat, and Phoenix [...]

1980s Film Alphabet

I’m not usually good at this sort of thing, but I looked at the 1980s Film Alphabet and could name all the movies! Yes, even Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is under “I”, for the character, I guess. This is a creation of artist Stephen Wildish. Link -via Laughing Squid

15 variations on the meaning of the word “dude”

I was sort of a linguistic snob in college. I preferred big words to small, little-known words to ubiquitous, and archaic to colloquial. The present-day me would have never hung out with the college version of me. For example, when I wanted to get dinner, I’d go down the hall to one of my friend’s [...]

The Outrageous Art Trucks of Japan

Japan takes its subcultures very seriously and while many of them, like rockabilly, goth and lolita, have some sort of equivalent in the U.S., Dekotora (the lavish decoration of a semi) doesn’t. You can find out more about this culture and see some amazing pictures of these blinged out trucks over on Flavorwire. Link

In-flight "Tweet" from the 1940s

Neatoramanaut Minnesotastan was helping out his mom sort through some old memorabilia when he came across this gem: a pilot’s note to communicate news to passengers in flight. Sort of like an inflight tweet from the [...]

At First Glance, I Thought That This Was Lightning Hitting a Porta-Potty

But no, this is some sort of instrument used by the people at the Lightning Research Laboratory at the University of Florida. They’ve got some amazing photos and videos linked in their sidebar. Check ‘em out. Link -via DVICE

How Your Dad’s Jams Indicate What Tunes Are On Your iPod

There’s no doubt that what your parents listened to when you were growing up has had some sort of an impact on what you listen to now, though I’m not totally sure it’s always as clear-cut as this graphic makes it. Instead of listening to something vaguely derivative of Jimmy Buffett, I think I was [...]