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World’s Oldest Pearl

The unassuming object to the left is actually the world’s oldest pearl, unearthed by French researchers at a Neolithic site in the Arabian Peninsula: Discovered in the Emirate of Umm al Quwain, United Arab Emirates [...]

Why Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Puppy image via Shutterstock I grew up with a series dogs that were shameless food moochers. Max, our German Shepherd-Black Lab mix, was once left on his own in the house while the humans were having a backyard cookout. Poor Aunt Sophie went in to get something from the kitchen and found Max standing on the [...]

Gardener grows looks like duck

At a glance, it could easily be a duck, ruffling its feathers as it sits in a nest. But this incredible image actually shows a marrow grown by Marilyn and Lionel Partridge in their vegetable patch. The remarkable vegetable even features an eye, after it scratched against a twig, while the 2in stalk perfectly resembles a beak. Mrs [...]

What Happened to Marie Antoinette’s Children?

The tragic tale of Marie Antoinette’s death during the French Revolution is the stuff of legend. But while the story of Marie Antoinette ends with her death by beheading on October 16, 1793, the tragedy of her family continued to unfold long after her death. Marie Antoinette and her husband, the Dauphin, were married for seven [...]