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A Brief History of Console Video Games

In the first 30 seconds, this video takes us from Pong through a series of 1970s and early 1980s arcade games, then into NES versions of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. In the remaining two and a half minutes, we’re treated to a wild ride of bleeping, blooping, and spastic visuals, [...]

Sonic the Hedgehog Flipbook

(Video Link) What are you doing for the next hour? Good, because you’ve got a lot of entertainment ahead of you. YouTube user BloodyRenegadeX’s channel is packed with great flipbook animations, such as this one about Sonic the Hedgehog. YouTube Channel via Geekologie

Neighborhood in Spain Names Streets after Video Games

A housing development in Zaragoza, Spain, will name its streets after classic video games. Last Saturday, residents dubbed one road “Avenida de Super Mario Bros.”: Other planned roads in the neighborhood include streets named for “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Space Invaders” and “The Legend of Zelda.” Video games won out over more traditional options in an online poll [...]

Cartoon Voiceover Contest Winners!

On Monday, we asked you to tell us about a cartoon voiceover role you find surprising. After sorting through more than 100 entries, we’ve picked our two favorites. Both winners will receive mental_floss T-shirts of their choice for their winning entries. Brian’s winning submission: Jaleel White, voice of Sonic The Hedgehog in the 1993 animated series based [...]