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More Disgusting Fried Foods From the Texas State Fair

Why bother with eating the actual chicken meat when you can just enjoy the fried skins instead? If that’s not enough fried nastiness for you then I’m sure you’ll find something to trigger your gag reflex over at Serious Eat’s slide show covering the best of the worst of the foods at the Texas State Fair. Link

Great Game of Thrones Rings

Looking for something romantic and geeky to share with the love of your life? Then maybe you should check out these great couples rings inspired by Daenerys’ & Drogo’s nicknames for each other in Game of Thrones. Link Via Chasing At Starlight

AT-AT Walker Skirt

Who says a poodle skirt needs to feature a poodle? Why not have something cooler, like, say a AT-AT. Yeah, now that’s styling and geek-friendly. Link

Is too much praise a good or a bad thing ?

Japanese researchers have claimed that praise is as good as money at making people work harder. It’s something that has been debated amongst scientist…

Craigslist Vampire

A man in Seattle posted something very strange on the Craigslist Personals section. It wasn’t a risque photo or any exclusively sexual request, he wanted blood. To drink. Because he’s a vampire. Well blood and sex, this is still Craigslist guys. “Greetings to everyone who is reading this,” he begins, “I am unable to give my [...]

Pain of a Pepper

Poor pepper. Hopefully he will, at the very least, be made into something delicious like a stuffed pepper or tasty ketchup – made with a charred red bell pepper reduction, foodies you know what’s up. I have to be real with you guys though, with my first glance at this photo I wanted to laugh menacingly, [...]

Puzzle Keyboard

Tired of boring ol’ QWERTY? Perhaps you want to try something more challenging (and some say more efficient) Dvorak? Or the French AZERTY and the Portuguese HCESAR [...]

Quiz: Britney Spears or Brittany S. Pierce?

“Oops, I did it again!” is something both pop sensation Britney Spears and Glee character Brittany S. Pierce should be saying after their vocal missteps. They’re both infamous for saying wacky things. Can you figure out who said what? Take the quiz: Who Said It – Britney Spears or Brittany S. Pierce? Lauren Baker attends Brescia University [...]

Something Witty

Something witty and thought-provoking. That’s what my boss told me to write on this- post! I am actually super excited to find this because I have actually been to that restaurant (half off after 11!) in Pittsburgh- where I went to school. Seriously I have eaten there at least a dozen times as it was [...]

Famous Architect Dressed as Their Buildings

Here’s something you never expected to see! This picture from the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects annual ball in 1931 shows seven noted architects wearing costumes that resemble the New York City buildings they designed. Do you recognize them all? The architects and buildings are listed at Retronaut, where you can get a closer look at [...]