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Portraits Of People Who Look Alike But Aren’t Related

We come across people all the time who remind us of someone we know or look familiar to us in some way, and it turns out that’s because a lot of people look alike whether they’re related or not. This series of portraits by Canadian photographer Francoise Brunelle is full of people who bear a striking [...]

Caterpillar Stuck in an Infinite Loop

(YouTube link) It appears that someone set up a camera to get a time-lapse of the tree growing, but a caterpillar stole the show! He almost got the right idea once, but then got back on his usual path. -via Arbroath

6 Pieces of Folksy Wisdom That Are Actually True

It’s the holidays again. That means family, and family means listening to insane, ill-informed debates over every subject imaginable. But just because your relatives are old and probably a little crazy doesn’t mean everything they say is nonsense. When it comes to some of that old down-home folksy wisdom, for example, they’re actually right. 1. You [...]

Cockatoo Sings "Gangnam Style"

(YouTube link) Someone’s been playing that video waaaay too much. -via Tastefully Offensive

The Rolling Jubilee

The Occupy Wall Street movement is trying a new tactic to help folks struggling with debt burdens. Banks and other financial traders buy debts from each other for pennies on the dollar, but still try to collect every bit of it plus interest from the debtor. There’s no reason that those debts can’t be bought [...]

Forgetful Driver

I bet I know someone who had a bad day. That guy, he had a bad day. -Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Boost Productivity by Hiring Someone to Slap Your Face If You Go Off Task

Like many of us, Maneesh Sethi gets distracted by the Interweb at work and his productivity suffers because of it (ahem, and yes, I realize you’re probably doing the same thing by reading Neatorama right now – mea culpa!). [...]

This Skirt Is Simply Precccciiiioooouuuussss

The good news is that wearing this skirt won’t make you invisible, the bad news is that someone still might try to steal it or attempt to throw you in the fires of Mount Doom, so watch your back. Link Via The Mary Sue

Correctly Labeled

When I first saw this picture, I assumed someone in the neighborhood who had suspicions wrote this on a parked truck. But according to WBIR, this truck was stopped by police in Memphis. Someone was actually driving it with “METH LAB” written on the windows! After being stopped for a license plate violation early Friday morning, [...]

Good Questions: Times Your Kids Have Stumped You

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. On to this week’s topics of discussion… 1. This first question is for anyone with kids, preferably kids old enough to talk and ask compelling questions about the [...]