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Wine Cork Portraits By Scott Gundersen

Somebody must have told Scott Gundersen to put a cork in it when he started his artistic career because he’s been working almost exclusively in corks ever since. Scott creates giant sized mosaic portraits from photo reference, and his works have a surprising amount of detail for such a minimal color palette. Each piece takes thousands of [...]

The Star Wars That I Used To Know

(YouTube Link) This hilarious parody of the music video for Gotye’s hit song Somebody That I Used To Know takes us back to a time when Star Wars was fun and familiar, without all those cheesy deleted scenes, less than creative explanations and CGI nightmares. Darth Vader was somebody that I used to know, but now that [...]

The Late Movies: 5 Smart People Say Smart Things in 5 Minutes or Less

Big Think has interviewed a staggering array of smart people, and is posting micro-interviews on YouTube. For tonight’s viewing, I thought I’d collect five favorites. Yes, they’re short, and sometimes they’re simple — but these are smart sentiments. Bill Nye “How is science education like comedy?” Bill Nye on the parallels between comedy and [...]

New York Educrats Banned Dinosaur, Birthday, Dancing, and Halloween

Won’t somebody think of the children? Actually, New York education bureaucrats are, in fact, thinking of the children when they banned references to dinosaurs, birthdays, dancing, and Halloween, lest kids got offended. That’s because [...]

Law Firm Opens Drive-Through Window

The Kocian Law Group in Manchester, Connecticut bought an old Kenny Rogers restaurant to use as an office. The building has been renovated to look like any other law office, except for the drive-through window: “We have drive-thrus for ATMs and we have that customer convenience. Why not a law firm?” attorney Nick Kocian asked. Kocian wanted [...]

Cat Ladies

Why do some people (usually women) hoard cats? What makes somebody, that would otherwise be normal, be “the crazy cat lady”? Perhaps its mental imbalance (a specific obsessive-compulsive behavior known as compulsive hoarding or animal hoarding) or perhaps, the answer is a little bit more mundane for some (see mark 1:20). Here’s the trailer for [...]