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The Human Beggar Zoo in China

When beggars began to turn up in droves at a local religious festival, Chinese officials came up with a rather unusual – and some say cruel – solution, a human cage: According to a Nanchang official, in recent years the number of [...]

A Small Mystery Hidden In Five Postage Stamps

In 1993 the Royal Mail in Great Britain issued a set of five se-tenant stamps to honor the legendary fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.  The stamps depicted iconic scenes from The Reigate Squire, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Six Napoleons, The Greek Interpreter, and The Final Solution. Hidden within the design of each stamp is a [...]

‘Earthscraper’ goes underground

Architects are planning on constructing a massive underground “earthscraper” in Mexico City. The huge subterranean structure is one solution proposed …

Nose Stylus for Hands-Free Smartphone Usage

Dominic Wilcox finds it difficult to use his smartphone while taking a bath, so he invented this simple but brilliant solution: the Finger-nose. He can strap this plaster attachment onto his head and navigate his phone without using his hands. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Dominic Wilcox

The Harmonica Pistol

Here’s one early solution to the problem of limited magazine capacity. Between 1859 and 1862, a French inventor named Jarre patented several so-called harmonica pistols. As often as the user needed a fresh round, s/he could just push the magazine laterally. The pinfire example pictured above could hold nine 9mm cartridges. Link via The Firearm [...]

Electrical magic wand puts out fires

Scientists search for a new way to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently with electricity. Although it seems like an unlikely solution the idea of …

Analog Tele-Phonographer

(YouTube link) A low-tech solution to a modern problem! Christopher Locke made an amplifier for his cell phone using a broken trumpet and scrap metal. No power cords, no batteries, no moving parts. And you can slip your Mp3 player in it as well. Link -Thanks, Chris!

The Cure for Pre-Test Anxiety: Just Write About It!

Got pre-test jitters? The solution to clearing a panicky student’s mind before taking a test is actually quite easy: just have them write about it: Students who were prone to test anxiety improved their test scores by nearly one grade point after they were given 10 minutes to write about what was causing them fear, the [...]

Best way to solve a problem is to sleep on it

Researchers have found that sleeping on a problem may be the best way to come up with a solution. An experiment was carried out in which two groups of…

Seeing Faces in Physics Experiments

Scientists say that it’s just pareidolia – a fancy word meaning that humans tend to see images or faces in random things, but surely they’re wrong. Sure, you can shrug off religious sightings as overly active imaginations of fanatics, but what if these images come from the world of science. Just think about it, people. [...]