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Nearby star may have nine extrasolar planets

At 127 light years distant the HD 10180 system shares many similarities with our own Solar System. Discovered to have at least five planets back in 20…

Solar System Scope

This clever Flash-based Solar System Scope website is probably the only time you can safely say “grab Uranus and wiggle it around” in polite company. Take a look and tell me isn’t that the geekiest bit of fun you’ve had in a while? Link – via metafilter

Dancing Flower – Solar Powered

Dancing Flower (Solar Powered) – $6.95 Are you in the mood for a little spring time cheer, but you have a black thumb? You need the Dancing Flower (Solar Powered) from the NeatoShop. It’s the perfect plant for people who should avoid caring for living things. Please help us stop the senseless death and destruction [...]

Sunny Outlook Solar Powered Owl

Sunny Outlook Solar Powered Owl (Small) - $10.95 Do you have trouble looking at the sunny side of life? Maybe you need the Sunny Outlook Solar Powered Owl from the NeatoShop. Sit the Sunny Outlook Solar Powered Owl on your desk and be instantly whisked away to your happy place. Now revel in your new found happiness. [...]

Fluffy mystery at Solar System edge solved

The two Voyager spacecraft have been careering out of the Solar System for 30 years having shed light on many of the mysteries of the outer planet…

Solar Aircraft Flies

The first successful flight of an aircraft powered by the sun was completed in Switzerland yesterday as the Solar Impulse HB-SIA took off and landed safely. Solar Impulse founder Bertrand Piccard had dreamed of the day his plane would take flight for a decade. With a good weather window on Thursday, test pilot Markus Scherdel was [...]