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Bird Feeder Offers Convenient Fly Thru Window, Late Night Service

A businessbird on the go needs food quickly, any time of day. That’s why Brian Wolter built Fly Thou, a bird feeder in Copenhagen that offers food-like products to birds in a hurry. Solar panels provide lighting late at night and early in the morning. Link -via NotCot | Photo: Povl Thomsen

Watch the Great Pumpkin Grow

(NBC video) Ken Desrosiers grew the biggest pumpkin in Connecticut history. He also kept a camera on it so we could enjoy this time-lapse video of its journey to 1,487 pounds! Notice the solar panels leaves moving to grab all the sunshine they can. Videogum has a list of neat taglines for this video. Link -via [...]

Juno solar panels complete testing

The solar panels that will power the Juno spacecraft on its trip to Jupiter have completed their testing. The solar panels which are each the size of …

Solar Footbridge Produces Excess Power

The Kurilpa Bridge crossing the river into Brisbane, Australia is expected to carry around 36,000 pedestrians every week. The world’s longest solar foot bridge is 1,500 feet long and sports 84 solar panels. The panels produce all the energy the bridge needs for its LED lighting and sends 25% of the power generated back to [...]