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Going Viral: How Two Pakistani Brothers Created the First PC Virus

by Jason Kersten Before vigilante hackers like Anonymous tamed the Internet, two brothers started their own fight against software piracy. Their weapon: the first PC virus. Twenty-five years ago, students at the University of Delaware began experiencing strange symptoms: temporary memory loss, a lethargic drive, and fits of rage. This wasn’t just any old flu—it was the [...]

Don’t Copy That Floppy!

Even before The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent, people have been copying software. And along with that activity came anti-piracy public service announcements. Here are two of our favorite anti-piracy ads of yore: Don’t Copy That Floppy Produced by the Software Publishers Association in 1992, the video campaign starred actor M.E. Hart [...]

Evil Eye Optical Record Player

Vinyl records use grooves on the disc to encode the music. But not the Evil Eye optical synth by Belgian collective Indianen: Instead of cutting grooves onto a surface, custom software allows the artists to design and print black-and-white waveform [...]

Lawyerbot is Here!

That’s it. It’s official. The Robocalypse has begun, and as you may have suspected, lawyers are involved. Meet your new lawyerbot overlord: [...] a recent judicial ruling in the US has opened the doors to [...]

Stunningly Cute Egg-Shaped Treehouse

(Video Link) Joel Allen, a software engineer, hoped to retire at 26. That plan fell through. But he did build a little place to retreat to, which is a good compromise. The HemLoft is a cabin that he made in British Columbia over a few summers. It’s a thing of beauty: simple colors, graceful curves, and [...]

Can a computer spot if you are lying ?

Computer scientists have developed software that can predict if someone is lying in over 80% of cases. The software tracks such things as eye movement…

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now – A Not So Endless Summer

(YouTube Link)  YouTuber keef70 decided to use 3d and visual effects software to spice up his surf videos, and in my opinion he did a great job! Here’s what led to making this ambitious short: I wanted to learn more about digital filming, formats, and editing and since I surfed, the GoPro seemed like a natural place [...]

SwapNote Is Turned Into An Old School RPG

(YouTube Link) One of the great things about this hi-tech world we live in is the fact that most software applications have a multitude of other uses that have yet to be discovered, and even the programmers that created the software don’t know the full extent of what their software can do. Case in point-this mod of [...]

No More Naked Scanner Images?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced they will install new software in their body scanners that will somewhat protect travelers’ dignity. A software upgrade that the TSA has been testing in airports in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Washington since February would instead create a generic human form (as shown above) and indicate if the scanner detects [...]

Kinect Controlled Quadrocopter

Running out of ways to use your Kinect? Well don’t worry, because Swiss engineers have created a software which allows you to control radio controlled quadrotors via body movements. Now you can convince your friends that you are controlling the ‘copter via telepathy and blow their minds! Check out more, including a video, over at [...]