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The Tiniest Golden Girl In the World

Just look at that little Sofia from The Golden Girls. The author of Pop Muse’s little baby is so darn cute, she’d look good as any TV character. Link

A Classy Wine in a Box

Nothing says taste and class like boxed wine and designer handbags, so get ready for this: Vernissage’s "bag-in-a-bag" of wine. It’s boxed wine, shaped like a couture handbag! The idea for the wine purse originated [...]

“Vampire” Skeletons

Archaeologists in Bulgaria discovered two skeletons with iron rods piercing their chest to stop them from turning into vampires: "These skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of [...]

The Fartiste

We told you the story of Joseph Pujol, who made a good living by farting onstage in Paris over a hundred years ago. Now that story is a off-Broadaway musical! The Fartiste opened last week at Sofia’s Downstairs dinner theater. It might be lowbrow humor at its lowest, but it gets laughs. Why? Unfortunately the cast [...]

Soviet Statue turned Monument to Capitalism

A militaristic statue in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently visited by pop culture vandals, who added some color and re-envisioned the proud Soviet soldiers as superheroes and icons of capitalism, such as Captain America, Santa Claus, Superman, and even Ronald McDonald. Completing the piece is the slogan written below, which claims to put the statue “…in [...]

Soviet War Memorial Gets Americanized

A monument featuring a relief of soldiers stands in Sofia, Bulgaria to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Soviet takeover of Bulgaria. This weekend, street artists altered the scene with paint. Now the figures resemble Superman, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, the Joker, and other pop culture icons! See more pictures at io9. Link

Extreme Sleeping, Part 2

“QUANTUM SHOT” #691Link – Tired! (Getting sleep, no matter what) Planning to sleep in on a weekend, get some well deserved rest? Check out these extreme sleep positions… We’ve covered the emergence of this new urban “sport” before – see Part 1. Since then, new sleep yoga tips and tricks were captured on camera… among them: “Rope [...]

The Quick 9: Non-Blonde Ambition

Tons of singers and actresses go blonde – everyone knows that. But who knew it was almost as common to leave blonde behind for another hue? Here are nine people who did just that. 1. Elvis. The King started life with light blonde hair and progressed naturally into darker hair as he got older like a [...]

Post-Halloween Eclectic Image Mix

“QUANTUM SHOT” #18(rev)Link – by Avi Abrams Philosophy, fear of birds, and movie monsters Well, Halloween has come and gone, and for those of you who’s still trembling a little from encountered (and probably imbibed) spirits, here is a very eclectic image mix… Apparently, imaginary disasters can help sell cars: Dressed up in costume all year long - or [...]

Lasagna-Eating Cat is the Real-Life Garfield!

Sofia Atrill’s cat Humphrey is the real life version of the cat comic character Garfield: he eats only lasagna! Just like the character Garfield, Humphrey the cat refuses to eat anything else and consumes three portions of the pasta dish a day. The bizarre obsession started when Humphrey was a kitten and stumbled across a plate of [...]