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The Missing Links: Soda Packs a Punch

Whatever Happened to Predictability? Allow two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks to fill you in. And, after you’ve seen the video, ponder what exactly this means. * Soda Pop You Right In the Mouth A new study has linked soda to “aggressive or violent behavior” in young consumers. * Speaking of Soda That Hits You In the Face… There [...]

Pairing Soda With Cool Ranch Doritos

Wine and beer pairings are so passe. These days, it’s all about soda pairings and what better to partner your soda with than Cool Ranch Doritos. Some sodas failed just as bad as you would imagine, but the best pairing was, surprisingly, Orange Fanta: This old-world soda was the only offering that actually made the chip [...]

The Soda Thief

Admit it: you’ve probably asked for a free cup of water from a restaurant and then fill that cup with soda (clear ones like Sprite or Seven-Up, of course, you sneaky devil) when nobody’s [...]

Ideas for New and Wonderful Beverages

Tired of the same ol’ soda in the fridge? From the twisted mind of Lunchbreath, here is a pitch (or desperate plea, your pick) for new and wonderful beverages. Shown below are ideas for crossovers: Many more at Lunchbreath’s blog: Link

Rejected Star Wars Promotional Merchandise

Yes, your soda is just fine. In fact, it’s in perfect hibernation. This refrigerator is one of many rejected Star Wars/Pepsi merchandising concepts by Jason Geyer including Bantha slippers, an AT-AT chair caddy and a Jedi mood ring. Link -via blastr P.S. You can find real Star Wars merchandise at the NeatoShop.

Teen Life in 1947 Iowa

Photo: George Skadding/LIFE Archives Ah, the life of a teenager. Long before the era of Facebook, texting, and clubbing, there’s the hopping soda shop scene. LIFE photographer George Skadding documented the lives of Iowa [...]

The Late Movies: the Many Obsessions of Foodies

I know people who describe themselves as “bread obsessives” or “pizza fanatics” — often they’re talented in the kitchen and have latched onto one aspect of food or food culture and learned everything they can about it. There’s something really satisfying about hearing these self-styled experts hold forth on the subjects they love, which is [...]

Bacon Soda

Jones Soda, the folks who brought you a turkey-flavored soft drink, is offering a limited run of bacon flavored soda. They’ve teamed up with J&D’s Foods to offer a gift pack featuring two bottles of soda with bacon popcorn and bacon gravy for $9.95 plus shipping. Bacon… where will it all end? Link to story. [...]

4 Unappetizing Product Launch Disasters

Supermarket and fast food history is littered with perplexing products that seemingly never should have made it to the market in the first place. While everyone remembers New Coke and Crystal Pepsi as epic blunders, they’re not the only major missteps that otherwise successful food-and-drink companies have made. Let’s take a look at four other [...]

Soda Pop Stop: 500 Flavors in One Store

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop is a specialty store in Los Angeles that sells almost exclusively soda pop — though there’s also some candy and a deli counter tucked away in the back. I visited the store a few years ago, and came away with a variety of odd, exciting soda pop items, all in glass [...]