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Adorable & Spooky Sock Monkeys

If you love sock monkeys, but are tired of the classic brown and white design, then you might want to check out Sockmonkey Drawer’s collection of one-of-a-kind designs. I’m particularly taken with creator Kim-Ian Cornell’s special Halloween line of Spooky Sock Monkeys. Link Via Laughing Squid

Make Your Own Sock Cthulhu

Sock monkeys are so passe, the new hotness is sock Cthulhus. Lear to make your own with this helpful book, Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred, that can also teach you how to build your own electric guitar, kites and screen printed tee shirts. Really though, doesn’t the Cthulhu sock toy make it worth it on its [...]

Talking Pictures: Haunting Photos of The Dead

Growing up, I collected pictures of people I didn’t know. I lived in South Florida, the land of junk stores, garage sales and big-tent flea markets, and if I didn’t try hard to avoid these places I would invariably be dragged to at least one a month, where amidst endless dusty aisles of sock monkeys [...]