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Prickly Pete Rescued from Cactus

The Arizona Humane Society sent its emergency team to respond to a report of a cat stuck in a cactus in north Phoenix. They found the cat had escaped the cactus, but took parts of it with him as he became stuck in a fence! The vet techs rushed the unfortunate feline, now dubbed “Prickly Pete”, [...]

Famous Architect Dressed as Their Buildings

Here’s something you never expected to see! This picture from the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects annual ball in 1931 shows seven noted architects wearing costumes that resemble the New York City buildings they designed. Do you recognize them all? The architects and buildings are listed at Retronaut, where you can get a closer look at [...]

The Death of Manners

Are we becoming more rude? Lisa Gache, co-founder of Beverly Hills Manners in Los Angeles, thinks so. She noticed that courteous language is slowly going away, and blames society’s modern, casual style: "The slow erosion [...]

These Jell-O Salad Ads Are Amazing

Jason, Stephanie, Ethan and I put out a daily newsletter called Watercooler Ammo. This weekend we’ll be sharing a few recent editions. If you’d like this kind of thing delivered to your inbox each morning, subscribe here! I’ve been talking up celery flavored Jell-O for years. To be clear: I’ve never actually tried it; I just [...]

You Are Not A Photographer

Ever since digital cameras and Photoshop have become commonplace in our society, more and more people have decided that they are “professional photographers” despite having no training or experience. You Are Not A Photographer compiles these terrible images in one convenient location. While some of the pictures aren’t utterly terrible, others, like the one above, [...]

7 Unethical, But Brilliant Experiements

There is so much we have yet to learn about our own world and society, but while we are able to design experiments to answer some of these questions, ethics prevents us from performing them all. Wired has a great list of experiments that could teach us a whole lot about our world, but simply [...]

A Real Society of Super Sleuths Who Solve Unsolved Crimes

In September 1990, retired detectives and other criminal investigation professionals came together to have lunch and talk about unsolved crimes. Now the Vidocq Society, comprised of some of the best investigators in the world, meets once a month to take on the hardest, coldest cases in the US: Vidocq Society meetings – billed on its website [...]

Conveniently, Evidence from Bigfoot-Hunting Expo

Stop it–if you roll your eyes too hard you won’t be able to read the rest of the post. So the Sanger Paranormal Society had its annual Bigfoot stalk-down and–what are the odds??–the super-elusive Bigfoot they were looking for was kind enough to leave evidence right on a vehicle owned by the society’s founder, Jeff [...]

Holgate Windmill: A New Spin On an Old Industry

Holgate Windmill in York, England was a working grain mill for over a hundred years before it was shut down 70 years ago. It was never torn down because of its historic charm, and a neighborhood grew up around it. Now, thanks to The Holgate Windmill Preservation Society, it will begin to mill grain once [...]

The Flat Earth Society

At first glance this website may appear to be a hoax or a joke, but then again there are people like Harold Camping out there predicting doomsday. The Flat Earth Society which claims to support the theory that the Earth is flat and have gathered together literature to support their views. After some research it [...]