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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Neatorama!

We’ve been so busy with the new site that Neatorama’s seventh anniversary just slipped right past me! Alex is not one to celebrate such things, so I feel the need to point out that Neatorama was born on August 9th, 2005, with this innocuous little post: It was two years before that post got its first [...]

Future Hipsters

(YouTube link) Elderly bloggers and internet junkies in the year 2062 reminisce about the good old days of social media and social networking. I’m not sure how they get the idea of “hipsters” out of these folks. This video was produced to promote Social Media Week 2012. Link -Thanks, Lauren O’Neil!

Brits Drunk in 3 out of 4 Facebook Photos

Got an embarassing drunk photo of yourself posted on Facebook? You’re in good company: On average, adult users of the social networking website said they were under the influence of alcohol in 76 [...]

New System Lets You Check into Foursquare the Same Way that Dogs Check into Fire Hydrants

Let’s get right into it, shall we? Mark Your Territory is a new system that lets individuals check-in to foursquare by physically urinating at the actual location. Social networking has gone too far. Because, you know, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook tries to duplicate this. Then it’ll be everywhere. Please let this be a [...]

Man Throws 4,800 Bottles with Messages out to Sea, Gets 3,100 Replies

Harold Hackett of Prince Edward Island, Canada, does what the BBC calls “old-school social networking.” Since 1996, he’s tossed 4,800 bottles into the sea. The currents have carried some of them to Europe, Africa, the United States, and Caribbean islands. He knows this because he’s received more than 3,100 letters from people, many of whom [...]

Can Social Media Hipster Save Myspace?

Forget Justin Timberlake! You know who can "bring sexy back" to Myspace*? According to this clever webcomic by Matt Melvin of Cyanide and Happiness, it’s social media hipsters. After all, bell bottoms came back, so why not vintage social networking? *Yes, folks – [...]

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme XVIII

It’s time once again for GUESS THE THURSDAY NIGHT THEME. The clips below all have something in common…leave your best guesses in the comments section. As always, first one to correctly guess the theme gets to brag to via social networking to friends and lovers and is free to place this accomplishment on [...]

Is The Internet Killing "Big Ideas?"

Is information overload via the internet and social media killing our thirst for new “big ideas?” Some say we no longer have great thinkers like Freud and Einstein since we are all so distracted by the hoard of information at our fingertips that is less qualitative and more quantitative. I was struck by the grand profunditiy of this [...]

Hiding the Body

This Twaggie was a Tweet illustrated by artist Zach Rodis. If I ever commit a murder and need to somewhere to hide the body, I have the perfect place in mind… MySpace. – @JordyHamrick I get it, no one would ever look there. Hmm, isn’t it the nature of social networking for one social site to poke fun at [...]

Foursquare Film Noir Presents a Hard Boiled Social Networking Detective Story

(Video Link) It seemed like an open-and-shut case of accidental death. The only possible suspect had an albi established thanks to a Foursquare check-in. Or did she? This funny short film by Justin Johnson and Erik Beck mixes the gritty film noir genre with modern social networking. via Urlesque