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Snake Oil Soap

Snake Oil Soap – $5.95 Gather round folks! Behold the Snake Oil soap from the NeatoShop. This little bar of soap contains real cobra oil. That’s right, cobra oil so you can cleanse yourself from top to bottom. It makes the perfect gift for those who believe in fast talking, quackery, and love using questionable products. Be [...]

Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

Soap that contains iron atoms could find use in oil spill clean-ups and in waste water treatments. Although it’s similar to hand soap, the ‘magnetic s…

Hand Soap

Hand Soap – $7.95 Are you looking for a punny gift that provides hours upon hours of good clean fun? You need the hand-shaped Hand Soap from the NeatoShop. This silly and sanitary gift is delightfully musk scented. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Bath & Body items! Link

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer May Actually Make You Sicker

Before you reach for that hand sanitizer, consider this: rather than killing germs, that action is actually more likely to make you – and society – sicker. What is worse, perhaps the most comprehensive study of the effectiveness of antibiotic and non-antibiotic soaps in the U.S., led by Elaine Larson at Columbia University (with Aiello [...]

The Late Movies: Soap Opera Product Placement

It ain’t easy being a soap opera in 2011. In April, ABC announced that two of its long-running soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live, were being canceled after more than 40 years on television. Some soaps are trying to increase their advertising dollars through product placement. Power to ‘em, we say—while giggling [...]

Hot Dog N Bun Soap

Hot Dog N Bun Soap | $10.95 Don’t eat that hot dog -no matter how tempted you are! Some dogs are made for grilling; others are made for washing up. This dog is really a bar of soap, complete with a soap bun and soap mustard, made with completely vegan ingredients. Get yours at the NeatoShop! [...]

Krispy Treat Soap

Krispy Treat Soap - $3.95 Do you love krispy treats so much that you wish you could bathe in their sweet goodness? Well, now you can! Head on over to the NeatoShop and get yourself some Krispy Treat soap. This fabulous handmade soap looks and smells just like the real thing. Be sure check out the NeatoShop [...]

Ivory Soap In A Microwave

(YouTube link) According to Steve Spangler, the tiny amount of water in Ivory’s famous air bubbles heat up and expand. The end product is a “soap souffle”! -via The Daily What

Girl Addicted To Eating Soap And Washing Powder | Weird Bizarre Foods

The 19-year-old girl Tempestt Henderson Addicted To Eating Soap And Washing Powder with a dangerous compulsion doctors say could kill her It’s the toxic compulsion that doctors claim could kill her. But this 19-year-old girl claims she is hopelessly addicted… to eating soap. My bizarre compulsion: Tempestt Henderson, 19, says she is addicted to eating soap – [...]

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Survival Kit

Better Than A Boyfriend Soap – $7.95 Is your best friend’s love life is in the crapper this Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic! The NeatoShop is here to help you survive the crisis. May we suggest you get them some Better Than A Boyfriend Soap from the NeatoShop. It’s the perfect gift for that friend who would [...]