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Magnetic Bubbles

(Video Link) Kim Pimmel placed a magnet in the middle of a pile of soap bubbles and then placed ferrofluid along the outer edge. Watch magnetic forces pull the ferrofluid through the bubbles! It’s amazing demonstration of the use of macro lenses and time-lapse photography. -via Colossal

Internet Meme Halloween Costumes

An internet meme costume is cool as long as at least a few of your fellow Halloween party-goers recognize what you are trying to portray. Of course, not everyone is a citizen of the ‘net (believe it or not), so you must be prepared to explain yourself to someone who is not familiar with the [...]

10 More Amazing Wonders of the Natural World

On our previous list, Top 10 Amazing Natural Wonders, we covered a variety of amazing places. With this list we are showing some more amazing wonders which are less about places and more about formations and events. Be sure to add your own favorites to the comments for all to enjoy – preferably with links [...]