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Creepy Legend Of Zelda Dead Hand Snowman

Video game themed snowmen don’t come much more obscure, or creepy looking, than this thing. It’s based on the Dead Hand mini boss from the Legend of Zelda game The Ocarina of Time, and somehow he looks better when constructed out of hi-rez snow particles. Remember when video game graphics were that bad? Link

Mashed Potato Snowmen

River of Make It Vegan sculpted adorable mashed potato snowmen on top of meatless meatloaf. The scarves are steamed green beans, the buttons and eyes are peppercorns, the arms are parsley and the noses are little carrots. You can see a time-lapse video of their assembly at the link. Link -via Tasteologie

Melting Snowman Cookies

It’s always sad to see snowmen melt, but when they’re this sweet, it’s hard to be too upset. I want to make these one day, the idea is just so simple and the outcome is delicious and cute. Link Via The Mary Sue

Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

Redditor JiveMonkey snapped a picture of this house in Rocklin, California, that is famous for its homemade Christmas lawn decorations. See the full size image to decipher what Calvin’s snowmen are protesting. Link

Spider-Man Snowman

Matthew Connor of Cheshire, UK made two snowmen that look like Iron Man and Spider-Man: Inspired by my 5 year old son’s love for the Marvel Alliance characters, I made them for him. We have Spider-Man and Iron Man costumes for him, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game for Xbox we even have the bath characters, all [...]

Snow Cats

I Can Has Cheezburger has a collection of snowmen that resemble cats you may know. This one, of course, is Simon’s Cat. There are also snow replicas of Garfield, Longcat, and a reasonable facsimile of Maneki Neko (without the raised hand), among others. Link

Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen

The comic strip Calvin & Hobbes often included Calvin’s disturbing snowmen. We’ve previously featured one such scene recreated with real snowmen, but WebUrbanist has a post filled with them. Link via Nerdcore

Snow Dalek

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter in some areas, and run-of-the-mill snowmen are popping up here and there. Bad Astronomer Phil Plait got geekily creative and made a Dalek out of snow! Link -via Geeks Are Sexy