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The Meatiest Snowman Around

Even if you live somewhere that never snows (like those of us in San Diego) you can still make your own snowman this year with a little bit of parmesean cheese and a lot of ground beef. Now that’s a tasty winter wonderland. Link Via Buzzfeed

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds – $12.95 Are you looking for a cool way to celebrate the holiday season? You need the Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds from the NeatoShop. This delicously fun set includes 3 molds: snowflake, snowman, and gingerbread man.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Christmas Entertaining ideas.  Link

A Pair Of Impaled Snowmen

Here’s another snowman crime scene sure to make Calvin and Hobbes very happy. They’re impaled on the Ellifrett Structure at the University of Wyoming, and I can’t think of a more festive way to greet the students during the holidays, aside from staging a Santa Claus crash scene on the football field! Link

Animated Christmas Lights Play Slayer

(Video Link) The best part, aside from the sign of the horns, is that the snowman is singing the lyrics to this Slayer song. YouTube user lacycute20’s neighbors must love him. There are more videos of other songs at the link. Can any Neatoramanaut identify the title of the song? Link

Official Regulations for Hunting Yetis

What are the rules for hunting the Abominable Snowman? The government of Nepal was very clear about what people on mountain climbing expeditions should do if they encounter a Yeti. In 1959, Ernest H. Fisk, counselor of the US embassy in Kathmandu, summarized the rules for American travelers in Nepal. You can read the full [...]

15 Snowmen You Wish You’d Made

It’s time for snowmen! And snow women, and animals, and pop culture icons …anything you can make out of snow. My daughter packed five-gallon buckets of snow to make a sort-of robot-shaped snowman. Those who have more snow, more time, and a dose of imagination have made some startlingly wondrous creations. For this list, I [...]

Defrosty The Snowman Ice Cubes

Defrosty The Snowman Ice Cube – $7.95 Poor Frosty the Snowman, but lucky you! After an ill-advised vacation in the tropics, Frosty is all melted, but at least parts of him can still bring a frosty chill to your tropical beverages. Here’s Defrosty The Snowman Ice Cubes from the NeatoShop – 3 sets of “lumps of [...]

Fire-breathing Snowman

Nick and Anna Berte of Bel Air, Maryland built a giant snowman and rigged it with a flamethrower inside! Link

Amazingly Intricate Snow Sculptures

Being raised in sunny San Diego, I never even got to build a snowman before. That’s why I find snow sculptures to be purely impossible and amazing. Even if you’ve grown up in the harshest winters around though, you’re still certain to be impressed with these detailed snow sculptures on Web Urbanist. Link

Scientists create world’s smallest ’snowman’

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory have created the world’s smallest snowman measuring a fifth of the width of a human hair using mate…