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A 4-Year-Old Girl Reviews Doctor Who

(YouTube Link) In a world full of faceless critics and trolling in the night, it’s good to know that there are still some reviewers out there who aren’t cracked or jaded…yet. Take Lindalee Rose’s Doctor Who episode review for example- she tells it like it is, without all the snark and biased commentary, she’s just being a [...]

Nothing Happens In Twilight: The Video Game

(YouTube Link) Want to check out the most boring awesome video game ever made, especially if it’s geared towards teenage girls with a vampire fetish? Then you gotta check out Twilight: The Video Game, the game where all kinds of crazy stuff happens, unless you’re Bella, in which case you just stand around waiting for someone [...]

Twilight Hands Mittens

If you’re willing to publicly identify yourself as a Twilight fan, then you’ve no reason to eschew these mittens made by Etsy seller ChickenBetty. When held together, they look like the hands and apple featured on the cover of the first novel. Link via Great White Snark Previously: Twilight Hand Model Wants Fame | Image: Little, Brown, [...]

Armpit Troll Tattoo

+1 for original thinking and creative use of body hair. Surely this is the epitome of playful elegance in body modification. Link (main site is NSFW) via Great White Snark

Star Wars Text Crawl Dress

Chenoa, a hairdresser in Vancouver, made a dress that looks like the opening crawl from Episode IV of Star Wars. Her headband reads “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” Link via Great White Snark | Photo: Chris Eng

Super Squirrel

eBay user ni0vek offers this taxidermic squirrel changing into his superhero outfit. He sells other interesting items in his store, such as three moles playing poker. Link via Great White Snark

Crocheted Yoda Hat

Craftster user mamaedgar made a crocheted Yoda hat for her son. The ear hair is a nice detail. At the link, you can view more pictures as well as read detailed instructions on how to make your own. Link via Great White Snark | Photo: Mamaedgar Previously: Baby Yoda Hat

3D Dinosaur Fossil Pancake

We’ve featured the crazy cool creations of Jim’s Pancakes before on Neatorama, but this one takes the cake (or perhaps pancake): the 3D Dinosaur Bones Pancake. As usual, Jim’s daughter Allie approves: Link – via Great White Snark

Q*Bert Cake

Q*Bert cake by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery – via Great White Snark If you like geeky cakes, there’s one place on the Interweb you’ve got to check out: That’s Nerdalicious blog’s “Nerd Cakes” posts. You’ll find cakes inspired by video games, sci-fi movies, Internet memes, cartoons and so on. My current favorite is the Q*Bert [...]

Aliens Power Loader Costume

Instructables user alexthemoviegeek made this power loader costume from the movie Aliens with just $225 worth of supplies. It’s mostly made from wood, foam, PVC pipe, and pipe insulation. At the link, you can watch a video of the completed costume in action. Link via Great White Snark