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My Little Pony Wigs

The great news is that no one at the Neatorama office has to be left out! “Aw, John, you know I’d love to dress up as a pony at work, but there aren’t enough wigs to go around.” No siree. Etsy seller Erin has made many wigs, including ones for obscure characters such as Snips, [...]

Snails Can Survive Being Digested

You probably know that snails often fall prey to hungry birds, but you might not know that the slithering insect crawling across your driveway might have already been eaten by a bird—and survived. New research shows that around 15% of snails make it through the bird’s digestive system alive. One snail in the study even made [...]

Snails Can Survive Being Eaten

A new study has found that around 15% of all snails eaten by hungry birds survive the ordeal and live to be eaten another day. In fact, one of the snails in the study immediately gave birth right after she crawled out of the bird’s waste. Link Image via parl [Flickr]

6 Species We’ve Almost Killed Off For Dumb Reasons

The snail shells above are simply gorgeous, as are the jewelry made from them. The only problem? The snails are being driven to extinction just so people can makes earrings and necklaces from them. That’s not the only idiotic reason humans have been driving certain creatures to extinction, read the rest over at Cracked. Warning: [...]

Measuring Tape Robots

Keiko Takahashi made these adorable little measuring tape robots. They move like snails, slowly inching forward. Her project is called “Meter Crawler”: A meter crawler protrudes its steel measure four or eight cm. The body of the crawler follows the steel measure and thus moves forward. When it is taken away from floor, it stops moving, [...]