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Tiny snail spreading across the globe

The miniscule New Zealand mudsnail has been found in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Despite its small size, the snail is particularly adept at s…

Life in the Middle Ages

This funny medieval drawing of a knight engaged in battle with an enormous snail inspired Donna D. to look up other strange illuminations that apparently had very little to do with the manuscript they accompanied. Images from the British Library have modern captions attached in a collection at Buzzfeed. Link

Take a Guess about What a Facial Product Called "Snail Cream" Is Made of

Now rub it into your face. It’s good for your skin! And tremendously popular in South Korea: ‘Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream’ contains 70 percent snail extract, and the company says it pays great attention the quality of that 70 percent. The snails, the same kind that can be found on menus in French restaurants, are [...]

Mail Call!

You might recall the post I wrote about the very smart Web site, Sadly, the cool project has ended, but I wanted to share some of the letters you _flossers sent me. I had promised that I’d make a contribution to your favorite charity if you sent me some snail mail. As a result, [...]

6 Species We’ve Almost Killed Off For Dumb Reasons

The snail shells above are simply gorgeous, as are the jewelry made from them. The only problem? The snails are being driven to extinction just so people can makes earrings and necklaces from them. That’s not the only idiotic reason humans have been driving certain creatures to extinction, read the rest over at Cracked. Warning: [...]

Giant Carnivorous Hermaphrodite Snails

The population of giant carnivorous hermaphrodite snails (formally,¬†Powelliphanta)¬†is on the rise in New Zealand, and that’s a good thing. Six years ago, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) found 51 live specimens in Hawke’s Bay. Recently, a new survey team spotted 75 live Powelliphanta. “Powelliphanta are one of our most amazing native invertebrates,” DOC ranger Mark [...]

Snails Use Light To Defend Themselves

Animals use a lot of things to defend themselves: skunks use bad odor, armadillos use their tough leathery armor shell, and porcupines use their sharp quills. But scientists studying the clusterwink snail have discovered what could be the strangest defensive weapon used by an animal: light. Dimitri Deheyn and Nerida Wilson of Scripps Oceanography (Wilson is now [...]

World’s Fastest Snail

World Snail Racing Championships People gathered from around the globePeople in Congham, Norfolk, have been racing the shell-dwellers at their annual fete for 25 years.The annual gathering sees about 250 people from as far away as Malawi bring their hard-backed friends along to race.This year it was pesky plant-eater Terri who set his owner on [...]

Four Wall-Climbing Robots

(YouTube Link) We’ve previously posted about a ceiling-walking robot developed by the robotics lab at Ben Gurion University. Here are four more ingenious robot designs developed at that same laboratory, each of which scales walls using different mobility techniques: First, a magnetic climber that has compliant magnetic wheels and is capable to climb on ferromagnetic surfaces. This [...]

Snail Named After Crocodile Hunter

A tree snail found in the tropical forest near Cairns, Australia has been named after the late Steve Irwin. Dr. John Stanisic of the Queensland Museum named it Crikey steveirwini. The scientist described Crikey steveirwini as “a colourful snail, with swirling bands of creamy yellow, orange-brown and chocolate giving the shell an overall khaki appearance”. “It was [...]