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Man Breaks Up Subway Fight By Calmly Eating A Bag Of Chips

(YouTube Link) You know you’ve seen some stuff go down on the subway when you don’t even bother to stop eating a bag of chips when a fight erupts right in front of you. You’re officially the Fonzi of snack food when you break up a fight while keeping a cool head and continuing to chomp down [...]

Edible Stadium

The Super Bowl is only four days away, so you’d best get ready! Here’s a single-serving deli platter shaped like a football stadium. You can view five similar works of food art at the link. Link -via Paul Overton | Previously: Snack Food Stadium | Photo: unknown

Glo Balls

Hostess is teaming up with DC Comics to promote superhero-themed snack food, and Brenda of Geektress noticed something … well, wrong: “Glo Balls,” on the other hand, bring up images of irradiated testicles. Then I think of the Hulk… in a bad way. I realize I’m being childish and silly, but there you go. Link