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How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into an Opium Addict

Smoking opium was a widespread practice in Asia over a hundred years ago, but the practice is almost gone today. Almost. Antiques collector Steven Martin, author of the new book Opium Fiend: A 21st Century Slave to a 19th Century Addiction, tells the story of how his research into the opium smoking tools he collected [...]

11 Signs, Announcements, and Disclaimers That Are No Longer Necessary

1. “The Captain has turned off the ‘No Smoking’ sign.” This announcement was heard less frequently beginning in 1988, when smoking was banned on all domestic flights of two hours or less. Ten years later smoking was verboten on all domestic flights, and by 2000 smoking on any U.S. airline was banned by federal law. [...]

Smoking Kids by Frieke Janssens

After seeing the viral YouTube video of a two-year-old Indonesian boy who chain smoked 40 cigarettes a day, Belgian photographer Frieke got an idea for this photo series titled Smoking Kids. Tom Tack of I Love [...]

Science Says Smoke Later If You Smoke At All

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for you, but as it turns out, when you smoke can affect just how much of a health impact a cigarette could have on your body. Two new studies have shown that smokers who light up first thing in the morning are more likely to get lung, [...]

Match The Mugshot With The Crime

The Smoking Gun has a great game in the “Time Waster” section of their site where you can match mug shots of alleged criminals with the crime they were arrested for. If you like it, there are plenty more mugshot quizzes, including matching with the item they allegedly stole and the arrestee’s reported occupation. The [...]

The Smoking Orangutan

You’d think that being in a cage would make it hard to feed a smoking habit, but that’s not the case in Malaysia. Here’s the shocking story of how visitors to the Johor Baru zoo fed Shirley, a 25-year-old orangutan cigarettes, just to watch her smoke: The government-run zoo in in Johor Baru has erected a [...]

A Great Portait That Really Stinks

Regardless of your feelings about smoking, I’m sure we can all agree that cigarette butts are pretty disgusting. After all, they’re essentially saliva and tar-filled packages that smell as bad as they look. Perhaps that’s what makes Jinks Kunst’s portrait of French musician Serge Gainsbour so memorable -it’s created entirely from cigarette butts. The artist spent [...]

Smoking: Bad for You, Good for Society

It may sound paradoxical for you, but smoking may actually benefit society by causing smokers to die younger, before they cost the health care system more: Preventing obesity and smoking can save lives, but it does not save money, according to a new report. It costs more to care for healthy people who live years longer, according [...]

How To Stop Smoking | Quit Cigarettes | Best Way Stop Effects

How To Stop Smoking Ultimate quit-smoking system successful Tips to create simplest(Easy) & safest way to stop smoking forever and enjoy the wonderful natural freedom of becoming A non-smoker at long last Are you a smoker?? if you’re a smoker so you have to read this story. A man who is an active smoker for a [...]

How To Make Cigar in Factory

Smoking a cigar is a great experience. It can enrich meals and wine or simply help you unwind from a long, trying day. What can enhance this already enjoyable experience is smoking a cigars that you made yourself. Seem daunting? Well, it’s not at all. With a little practice you’ll be able to make a [...]