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Is There an App for That?

The question “Is there an app for that?” is actually the challenge in today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. You’ll be given descriptions of something a smart phone might or might not do, and you decide whether that’s an existing app to do it or not. This is one of those quizzes that will be obsolete [...]

World Mosaic Made with App Logos

This world map is a pretty neat little feat of graphic art, as it is built of tiny images of app logos. But it is also interactive, so you can click on each logo at the linked site and be taken to the company that produces the particular application. I can’t say whether the apps [...]

Facebook Users Raise Alarm Over Posting of Phone Numbers

You may or may not have seen some warnings on your friends Facebook posts the past few days warning of the social network’s importation of all your cell phone contacts. While this is true if you use the Facebook application for your smart phone, the company denies that is publishing all of your contact info [...]

Brain Inspired Image Recognition Software Allows Computers to See

Researchers have developed software that allows computers to see, helping us get closer to a day in which intelligent machines will see the world the way we do. More importantly this technology has led to an application that helps you purchase wine by snapping a photo of the bottle with your smart phone. With their [...]

The Brother IntelliFax 2800 App Store (FINALLY)

Isn’t it time you played Angry Birds on your Brother Intellifax 2800? Of course it is. All that faxing horsepower (including 2MB of memory!) is just sitting there, idle all day, with nothing to do except send and receive faxes. Sure, you have a “computer” or a “smart phone” with “apps,” but who wants to [...]

QR Code Cross-Stitch

Flickr user Pichu71 made a cross-stitch that depicts a QR code. She writes: I’ve just fininished stitching this QR code (created online) for my brother-in-law’s birthday. He is a computer/ technology freak. Could someone please read it and tell me if my “spelling” is correct as I do not own a smart phone myself. Link via Geek [...]

App Magnets

App Magnets – $12.95 You’ve got the best laptop, best smart phone, the best tablet computer … but what about your fridge magnets? Well, don’t be left out of style, hipsters! Check out these App Magnets by Alyssa Zeller over at the NeatoShop. Yes, they’re shaped like your favorite app icons: Link | More Fun Geeky [...]