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Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin

(YouTube link) One of the benefits of having pumpkins is the fun you can have getting rid of them. However, I would not recommend that you try the methods shown in this slow-motion video. Especially #3. Do not attempt that ever, anytime, anywhere. -via The Daily What

Fire Tennis

(YouTube link) The SlowMo Guys took a tennis ball, soaked it in gasoline, and lit it on fire. Watching it served in slow-motion is a hoot, but don’t try this at home! Also, NSFW language. -via The Daily What

From Lithium to Burnt Cauliflower in 3 Minutes

In this video, YouTube user nik282000 shows us what happens when lithium metal burns — in slow motion. Using a 300fps camera (10x slower than realtime) and a macro lans, we can see the process of lithium burning, passing through several bizarre phases until it resembles a hunk of charred cauliflower. Have a [...]

Get the Wolf Boy, Get Him

(Video Link) No, this isn’t in slow motion, this dog is just very, very sneaky. No matter how sneaky he is though, a real wolf would notice him before he got that close. Via BoingBoing

The Simpsons 500th Episode Intro In Slo-Mo

(YouTube Link) Thanks to YouTuber acjlarsen08 (and The Daily What by proxy) we who are without DVRs can now do what we wanted to do so badly when the 500th episode of The Simpsons aired last Sunday-watch the awesome flipbook style intro in slow motion. Now you can take it all in at your leisure, one [...]

Maru In Slow Motion

(Video Link) It’s always hard to resist Maru, but when he’s up to his antics in slow motion, it makes you want to reach out and grab him for all the cuddles he could handle. Via ICanHasCheezburger

Slow-Motion Slinky Drop

(YouTube link) When you drop a slinky, which part of it moves faster? When you get a good look at it in slow-motion, it only raises more questions, which physics professor Rod Cross explains. See the rest of the experiment at The Daily What Geek. Link -via mental_floss

Slow Motion Paint Ball Fight

How do you top off building your own potato cannon style paint ball launchers? You film it in high def slow motion and create an epic fight with your friends. See the full video at the link. Link

Spooky Vid of Dog Drinking Water

(Video Link) In slow motion, this x-ray image looks especially cool. Thank your opposable thumbs that you don’t have to do this. via Doobybrain

Slow Motion Video of Hummingbird Feeding

This one is pretty cool: a slow-motion video clip of a female Allen’s hummingbird feeding, captured at 300 FPS by JCMDI. Take a look over at Anything and Everything blog: Link [embedded YouTube clip]