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Swaddling Baby Sloths

(Video Link) This baby sloth has mange, so his caregivers shave his body, butter it with a mixture of sulfur and lard, then swaddle him in strips of cloth. He’s one of 160 sloths at a facility in Costa Rica dedicated to creating a black hole of cuteness. -via Geekosystem | Sanctuary Website

Sloth Crosses Road

(YouTube link) There are lot of road-crossing sloths on YouTube, but this little guy in Costa Rica gets a hand from a fellow who has done this before. I never noticed before how much longer a sloth’s front legs are compared to their rear legs. The green color comes from a specific type of moss that [...]

Fun Facts About Sloths

Despite sharing a name with the deadly sin of laziness, sloths aren’t all that slow and they don’t sleep all day either. But they stay so still that scientists had to glue electrodes to their heads to tell when they slept! The sloth’s lack of activity is their camouflage to avoid being eaten by eagles. To [...]