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Mercury + Sound = Kooky Mad Science Party

Now let’s watch what happens when you take a blob of mercury and subject it to different audio frequencies. Spoiler alert: the mercury forms geometric shapes and appears to dance. This is slow-motion footage (with music added, not the tones the mercury is reacting to — we’ll get to those original tones [...]

The Late Movies: Nike’s Slo-Mo Golf Ball Videos

In 2008, Nike put together a series of slow-motion videos in which golf balls were shot through various objects. The project, called “Nike Golf Juice Ball,” is surprisingly not very heavily Nike branded — it’s mostly about crazy slo-mo. Of course, they’re trying to sell their “juice ball,” so perhaps I’ve just played right into [...]

The Late Movies: Fun with Slow Motion

It’s getting easier to film things in extreme slow motion. My buddy Pat is a Hollywood camera tech who frequently has fancy high-end camera packages lying around his house — so, theoretically, we could get drunk and film ourselves jumping off his roof at 10,000 frames/second any old time. (But I’m glad we haven’t. On [...]

The Late Movies: Cat Bowling

Today I was introduced to a sport that I was previously unfamiliar with. This video explains the concept pretty well. Using Cups * Empty Cans will Work * Plastic Bottles * Or Even Jugs * Paper Towel Rods * Mix and Match In a pinch, you can even use mismatched but empty containers. * Bowling Pins As long as they are lightweight and won’t hurt the cat. * A Slo-Mo Replay * Without a [...]

Month in Review: October’s Most Popular Stories

Another month is in the books. In case you missed a day or two here or there, these are the top 12 stories originally posted in October: 1. The Origins of All 30 NBA Team Names by Scott Allen Why is a team in Los Angeles named the Lakers, and what’s a team called the Jazz doing [...]