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17-year-old girl slept for 64 days

Teenager Nicole Delien suffers from a rare sleeping disorder known as ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’. The 17-year-old can often sleep up to 19 hours a day…

Owl Sleeping Mask

Owl Sleeping Mask – $8.95 Am I the only one that found it’s ironic to put the design of a nocturnal owl on sleeping masks? Well, no use losing sleep over it! The Owl Sleeping Mask from the NeatoShop has been a popular item so plenty of you either found it cute or think that it [...]

First Clown in Space

Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte is paying $35 million to catch a ride to the International Space Station on a Russian spacecraft later this month. Laliberte calls himself “the first clown in space.” Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte told reporters he plans to tickle the professional astronauts while they’re sleeping, and he’s also bringing red clown [...]