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End the Tyranny of Ironing!

In this Slate article, Seth Stevenson proclaimed that he’s not a slob. He washes his hair, clips his nails and brushes his teeth. He even flosses often. But he wears wrinkled clothes. That’s because he has [...]

Chatroulette Call Me Maybe

Steve Kardynal knows exactly how to improve Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Just add a little Chatroulette. Yes. That Chatroulette. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Slate (Warning: guy in a [...]

Civil Unrest LEGO Collection

(YouTube link) Slate V imagines LEGO sets that reflect what is going on in the world, in your choice of Occupy Wall Street or Arab Spring versions. If these really existed, I would be in line to get one! Then it would be easy to illustrate the events of the past year in LEGO. Link -via [...]

Who Was Hitler Before Hitler?

In the sixty-six years since his death, Adolf Hitler has rightfully been used as a universal symbol for pure evil. So much so that his name is far too often used by people to paint a terrible picture of someone they don’t like (politicians, bosses, etc.) When another high-profile example of this occurring this week, Slate [...]

Dear Slate: Bob Gale Is Locked in Our Basement

As surprised as I was that Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale actually responded to our question about the origin of Marty and Doc’s friendship, I could not have imagined the splash his explanation would make. This “scoop” was covered by New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, TIME, MTV, and Slate, among others. [...]

The Cartoon Character Color Wheel

After considering the new Smurfs movie, the folks at Slate compiled an interactive color wheel to show the spectrum of colors by which we know our favorite cartoon characters. At the site, you can mouseover to enlarge and identify each character. Link -via Buzzfeed

US Military Tosses Kittens Out of Airplane

Photos have surfaced that allegedly show the US military tossing kittens out of an airplane. When Gen. G. Rover Barkly was asked about the photos he said, “We wanted to find out if a cat really does always land on its feet. The upside is that if they don’t make it the first time, we [...]

Trick Shot Doc

(Slate video link) Now you know what medical doctors do during slow shifts. Dr. Denton is apparently a “practicing” physician! -via the Presurfer

A Death-Defying Commute

(video link) Slate is doing a series of travel posts with our friends Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras at Atlas Obscura. Part one of the hidden wonders of South America is about The World’s Most Beautiful River. This video is from part two, A Death-Defying Commute. A 60-year-old cable spans a 1,200-foot-deep ravine between two mountains [...]

Diabetes in America

Slate has an interactive map showing when and where cases of diabetes are soaring. At the link, you can adjust the year with a slider and mouseover the counties to find yours. My county had a diabetes rate of 11.4% in 2008. Link -via Gene Expression