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5 Adult-Friendly Food Fights Around the World

1. The Battle of Oranges Photo from the 2007 Battle of Oranges by Flickr user GiĆ²-S.p.o.t.s. Each February at the Carnival of Ivrea in Italy, citizens commemorate the people’s uprising against the tyrannical Raineri di Biandrate with an epic food fight. As the story goes, Biandrate gave himself the right to sleep with any bride on her wedding [...]

The Itchy And Scratchy Supercut

(YouTube Link) One thing I love about the interwebs is the fact that people are always posting their own custom compilation videos for us all to enjoy. This time around it’s a supercut of Itchy and Scratchy, the bloody cat and mouse duo from The Simpsons. Enjoy this over 48 minute long homage to slapstick comedy and [...]

Banana Peels Remove Heavy Metals from Water

An experiment shows how banana peels can be useful for other things besides slapstick comedy. They can also clean up dissolved metals left in water by industrial waste -better than other organic materials, and they are a safer alternative to chemicals currently used. For the study, Castro and his team dried and ground banana peels, then [...]