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What’s the Longest Word in the English Language?

Pictured above is the longest word in the English language. It’s a slang term for a disease incurred by inhaling silicone dioxide. Sam Kean has a story at NPR’s website describing the difficult task of defining a “word” so that one may determine which is the longest. For example, do the names for chemical chains [...]

Solution to Stolen Street Signs: Give Streets Boring Names

McIntosh County, Georgia is spending $17,000 a year replacing about 550 street signs that are repeatedly stolen. So County Commissioner Mark Douglas proposes that the county government give streets boring names to discourage this activity: He says signs marking Green Acres, Boone’s Farm and Mary Jane Lane are frequently stolen. He suspects the thieves are targeting those [...]

The Quick 10: Why a Typo Caused Popeye to Eat Spinach and Other Popeye Facts

Yesterday was a big day in Hollywood – it was the Golden Globes, sure (did you love Ricky Gervais or think he dropped the ball?), but it was also the anniversary of the first time the world was introduced to a beloved cartoon – Popeye. To celebrate the famous spinach-swilling seadog, here are a few [...]