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Man Calls 911 Because His Skyline Chili Experience Was Bad

(Video Link) I don’t think we can emphasize this enough people. 9-1-1 is not where you call to complain about your restaurant experience (unless, maybe, it involves drugs, bomb threats, fires or some other, real, issue). If you don’t like your Skyline Chili or your McDonald’s, remember to call 9-1-2 or you might just get charged [...]

Stained Glass Watertower

This beautiful work illuminating the Brooklyn skyline is artist Tom Fruin’s collection of plexiglass recycled from buildings and projects around New York City. It won’t hold water, but it does come with access ladders and a functional roof hatch. Link -via Gizmodo | Artist’s Website | Photo: Robert Banat

LEGO Superman Actually Scrolls across the TV Sreen

How did Rod Gillies accomplish this feat? He used LEGO bulldozer treads to operate the scrolling skyline. They alternate between one and two-brick widths to give the assembly flexibility. Link -via Make

Gorgeous Panorama of Quebec City

Photographer Sean Tamblyn took this magnificent panorama of the skyline of Quebec City, Canada, at twilight, as seen across the River St. Lawrence. The huge (24,345 x 3,303 pixels!) photo is zoomable almost to the point that you can look at what people are doing through their windows. Almost Link | See [...]