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Shark drops from sky over golf course

A live shark mysteriously fell from the sky over a golf course located four miles from the sea. Golfers at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California …

UFO hovers in sky for 5 hours over Scotland

A family were left shaken after seeing strange lights in the sky near their home for several hours. Grandmother Morag Ritchie was the first to witness…

Seaweed rains down over UK street

Berkeley residents were left perplexed when large amounts of seaweed started to rain down from the sky. Weather experts believe that a freak twister w…

What Is a Blue Moon, and How Rare Is It?

Stockbyte/John Foxx Before Curiosity landed on Mars, the main topic of discussion among amateur astronomers was the blue Moon that is scheduled to make an appearance on August 31. The widely accepted definition of a blue Moon is a full Moon that appears twice within a calendar month. But that description is actually based on an [...]

The Late Movies: Baby Goats

A little goat named Buttermilk Sky took the internet by storm this week, but she’s only one of many adorable kids you can enjoy watching …without having to clean up after! Bouncing Baby Buttermilk Sky Only one of these baby goats has had her morning coffee already. Can you guess which one? I thought you could. These [...]

Was 774AD ‘red crucifix’ a supernova ?

A mysterious red cross in the sky in 774AD may have been a previously unrecognised supernova explosion. The strange cross-shaped glow in the skies ove…

Restaurant Serves Meal on Table Suspended 50 Meters into the Air

Stefan Kerkhofs’s Dinner in the Sky experience lets you eat a gourmet meal served on a platform held aloft by a crane: Kerkhofs, who used to set up bungee-jumping and amusement part installations, partnered with marketing executive David Ghelys to develop Dinner in the Sky six years ago. The two now travel the world putting on [...]

‘UFO’ sighted over the Middle-East

Authorities in several countries were alerted following sightings of a strange swirling object in the sky. Reports came in from Georgia, Armenia, Turk…

Boy photographs UFO over forest

An 11-year-old boy managed to snap a photograph of a strange object while playing in his garden. Jack Brody first noticed the silver object in the sky…

On Music: Beatlemania Week – No. 4

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Contrary to the popular story we all heard growing up, the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was not inspired by LSD; rather, by a drawing John Lennon’s son Julian did of his classmate, Lucy O’Donnell. Julian brought the drawing home from nursery school in 1966, and explained to [...]