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50 skulls discovered in Aztec temple

The discovery at Templo Mayor represents the largest number of skulls to ever be found in one offering. The temple is located in New Mexico and is con…

Shocktails Set of 4 Skull Shot Glasses

Shocktails Set of 4 Skull Shot Glasses – $12.45 Are you looking for a wickedly fun way to serve up cocktails at your next party? You need the Shocktails Skull Shot Glasses from the NeatoShop. This frightfully beautiful set includes 4 shot glasses shaped like skulls.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Halloween [...]

Mystery surrounds smashed Stone Age skulls

Collections of skulls separated from their skeletons have been proving a puzzle to archaeologists. A collection of 10,000-year-old Stone Age skulls di…

Skull Bookshelves

James Hopkins brings memento mori art to your bookshelf: take a look at the Vanitas series, where he carefully arranged certain objects to create the illusion of skulls on bookshelves. Laughing Squid has the gallery: [...]

Skull Cupcake Cookie Jar

Skull Cupcake Cookie Jar – $23.95 Are you looking for a place to hide your favorite cookies in plain sight? You need the Skull Cupcake Cookie Jar from the NeatoShop. This adorable cookie jar provides the sweetest and most subtle warning to all those who would dare to trespass. Keep away! These cookies are mine! Be sure [...]

Josean Rivera

The Neatorama Art Blog welcomes a new gallery from Philadelphia artist Josean Rivera! Rivera is a painter who also works in mixed media, with an admitted “obsession with dinosaurs, girls, and skulls.” See a selection of his work at the art blog, where you’ll find links to even more. Link

Skullball Machine

Are you redecorating a nursery? If so, I’ve got a great idea for it! Kids love gumball machines. And skulls. Artist Marco Perego combined the two for an exhibit at the Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich, Switzerland. Link -via @itscolossal | Museum Website

The Anatomy of a Pumpkin

Who knew jack-o-lanterns had such stunning skulls inside. They must be pretty fragile because I never see them while carving my pumpkins. Link Via BuzzFeed

Dig reveals human skulls mounted on stakes

Several 8,000 year-old skulls mounted on stakes have been discovered in central Sweden. The find at the Kanaljorden excavation site is being praised a…

Ancient Britons made cups from human skulls

New research suggests the ancient Britons would devour their own dead and make cups from their skulls. Skulls found at Gough’s Cave in the Cheddar Gor…