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Sh%t Southern Women Say

Hey y’all! Julia Fowler wrote and directed this skit Sh%t Southern Women Say, featuring herself and three other southern belles from South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi. We’re fixin’ to tell you how much we [...]

Twilight Zone San Francisco

(YouTube link) A 9 to 5 office worker calls in sick and thinks he will have the city to himself during business hours. He is surprised to find that he’s in the minority. Reaction to this video is that this happens in every big city. I can attest that it is the case in small towns, [...]

Kittens in Bowls

(YouTube link) Q: How hard is it to get a cat into a bowl? A: That sounds like a skit for a Japanese variety show! -via Metafilter

Commuter Theater

The show must go on, even though the actors don’t get paid, and even though the audience is there for only a few seconds each week. A group of performers in Chicago stage a skit on a rooftop for the commuters on the the Brown Line of the El, between Armitage and Sedgwick. Turns out, every [...]

Sesame Street Scandals

Katy Perry’s recent Sesame Street skit went bust when parents complained that the singer was showing a little too much décolletage for kids. But hers is far from the first incident to raise a few eyebrows on the show. A few others: • C is for Cookie, but that’s not good enough for everyone. Although Cookie [...]

The Matrix as a Silent Movie

(YouTube link) What if The Matrix had been produced in the silent film era? This skit is from the Russian group Bolshaya Raznitsa, which translates to Big Difference. (via Dark Roasted Blend)