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Panda Mask

Panda Knit Mask | $12.95 Hey there, panda bear! How cool it is to stay warm with the Panda Knit Mask over your head -on the ski slopes or on the way to school. This 100% acrylic, machine washable ski mask is available at the NeatoShop. Roll it up like a hat, or roll it down [...]

Skiing on Rocks

No snow? No problem for these hardcore skiers. They simply ski on rocks: The warmest weather in half a century means that many European ski resorts are without snow later in the year than any time in recent [...]

Snowmobile Thingy Pushes a Single Skiier

The Skizee was originally designed for the ski patrol, but it can also serve recreational purposes. The 10.5 hp 4-stroke engine can propel a skiier to high speeds, as you can see in the video at the link. Naturally, this is a product of Canada. Link via DVICE

GPS Ski Goggles

They won’t teach you how to ski, but these GPS ski goggles will do just about anything else! Measure your speed, direction, latitude and longitude, altitude, number of runs, current temperature, and distance. The data is displayed on a 2″ LCD screen inside the goggles. And -dare we say it- if you are injured or [...]

Grant Gunderson’s Skiing Photography

Photo: Grant Gunderson The ski report for the Eastern U. S. is a chart-topper this weekend, so to get you in the mood -or if you’d like to have your eyes popped- take a look at Grant Gunderson’s excellent work on the subject. For the shot above, this caption: Dana Flahr throwing a very large lawn dart [...]

Schuss-Perfect Software

When you’re trying to figure out where to build your next ski resort, you don’t have to use guesswork to pick the ideal spot — there’s an app for that. Geographers at the University of Delaware have developed a geographical information system (GIS) that can identify the location that would best suit your winter sport needs, [...]