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Fashion Trend: The Face-Kini

This woman isn’t a superhero with a low budget. She’s a swimmer in China, the epicenter of this latest fashion craze. The face-kini is basically a ski mask made of light fabric that protects a person from the sun: Often paired with a long-sleeved shirt, the face-kini reportedly costs from $2.40 to $4; many residents simply [...]

Rotterdam Robbery Turns Into An Epic Fail

(YouTube Link) This has to be the worst case scenario when it comes to armed robbery-you rush in to rob the place, gun drawn, ski mask on, and you’re paid no mind at all. The patrons aren’t even shaken, and a tense situation soon becomes quite awkward as you’re forced to leave empty handed, tail between [...]

The Beardski Will Keep You Warmski

If your face is freezing out on the slopes this winter, or you’re simply looking for a way to remain anonymous and look like a Viking warrior at the same time, then you need a Beardski. It’s a neoprene ski mask and an epic beard in one, and it comes in all kinds of styles [...]

Panda Mask

Panda Knit Mask | $12.95 Hey there, panda bear! How cool it is to stay warm with the Panda Knit Mask over your head -on the ski slopes or on the way to school. This 100% acrylic, machine washable ski mask is available at the NeatoShop. Roll it up like a hat, or roll it down [...]

Ski Mask Self-Portrait

Last year, we featured Andrew Salomone’s portrait of Bill Cosby in Jello shots. More recently, he used an electronic knitting machine to make a self-portrait in the form of a ski mask: The balaclava is knit from cotton yarn and the design is from a bitmap file, in which pictures of my head from every angle [...]

Old Man Beats Armed Robber with Swiffer

Phillip Graham, 71, of Spartanburg County, South Carolina, drove off an armed home invader. His weapon of opportunity was a Swiffer dust mop: The man, who was wearing a ski mask, appeared to have a pistol in his hand, Graham said. Graham was armed too, but only with a Dustbuster in one hand and a Swiffer in [...]

Pikachu Ski Mask

> Deviant Art member =Sugarcoatidli3z crocheted this awesome Pikachu convertible ski mask because the weather was turning cold and she liked Pikachu. Now she’s made the pattern available to anyone who wants it! Link -via Everlasting Blort