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Scary Cool Female Skeletor Cosplay

The classic 80s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe features characters that are, shall we say, extremely physically fit, like bodybuilder fit, even the evil Skeletor was cut like a professional wrestler (except for the fact that he had no skin on his face). Well, I have to admit that I like this female [...]

Adorable Plush Geek Creatures

Sometimes you just want to cuddle with Skeletor, Slimer or Admiral Akbar, of course, the problem is that the companies who officially license the merchandise for these characters don’t really believe there’s enough of a market for plush versions. That’s why those seeking such frivolities will need to head over over to the HandmadeStuffs shop [...]

Darth Skeletor

He-Man’s days are numbered now that he faces a far more dangerous foe. Ryan Renders made this bust for a charity auction. And since we all know that Skeletor is a generous fellow, he’d appreciate the gesture. Link -via Kotaku

Not Now, Skeletor!

Skeletor…well, he never really developed very keen social skills. Sometimes he just shows up to parties and such and tries to mingle like he’s friends with people who don’t know him or don’t really like him. And he generally doesn’t know when it’s time to leave. Not Now, Skeletor! is a new Tumblr blog that [...]

Skeletor Belt

Delfina Delettrez created this chic Skeletor Belt that looks like Death has got you by the waist. If the style doesn’t kill you, then perhaps the $4,000 price tag will! Link

He-Man and Skeletor Plushes

Theresa Rohrer made these He-Man and Skeletor plushes for her four-year old nephew. They look so happy together, don’t you think? Link via Super Punch | Artist’s Etsy Store

Forensic Reconstruction of Fictional Skulls

If scientists and police investigators can reconstruct a face from a skull, why can’t we figure out what Skeletor looked like before he was a skeleton? David at Ironic Sans went to work, or to be accurate, his wife did, and recreated faces for Skeletor, Manuel Calavera, and Jack Skellington. Link -via Laughing Squid