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Mystery of the ‘Franken-mummiesÂ’

Two skeletons discovered on a remote Scottish island have been at the centre of a mystery for 10 years. Considered to be the first evidence that the a…

Mystery surrounds smashed Stone Age skulls

Collections of skulls separated from their skeletons have been proving a puzzle to archaeologists. A collection of 10,000-year-old Stone Age skulls di…

Skeleton Key Necklace

Skeleton Key Necklace – $9.95 Are skeletons and pirates the key to your beloved’s heart? Get them the amazing Skeleton Key Necklace from the NeatoShop. This fantastic accessory is handcrafted to look like a key composed of a tooth, bone, and skull. It makes a wicked fun gift for any pirate lover. Be sure to check out [...]

Archaeologists find Bulgarian ‘vampires’

Two medieval skeletons with iron stakes through their chests have been discovered in Bulgaria. The country has seen its fair share of ‘vampire skeleto…

Saints buried alive in ancient Rome

Two skeletons found in a crypt are believed to be of two saints buried alive almost 2000 years ago. The remains are thought to be those of Chrysanthus…

Pompeii skeletons reveal secrets

The remains of those who died in the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii continue to yield new insights. Scientists examining the skeletons and t…

City of Skulls

Photo via Elena Chinarina Forget haunted houses – in Russia, there are entire cities and towns that look haunted. Dark Roasted Blend explains: We’d like to call them “ghost towns”, but they are clearly not abandoned. Amazingly, people still live in them, go to work in harshest possible conditions (paradoxically making it the richest and mightiest industrial [...]

Water Skeletons: Bones Made from Fluid

Animals that live underwater as so different they never fail to astound us. Marine invertebrates may flop like jelly when we see them on land, but in their own environment they can be as rigid as they need to be, thanks to the fluid skeletons they formed by compressing water within their organs. Read about [...]

Creepy Dolls by Shain Erin

Shain Erin uses dolls as an art medium. These creepy dolls are fashioned as zombies, ghosts, mummies, skeletons, and monsters! People like them; many of the dolls featured in his gallery have been sold, but there are some available in his Etsy store. The ghost shown is named Cecilia. Link -via Daily Dumper