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MythBuster Adam Savage Isn’t Done with the Dodo

MythBuster Adam Savage’s obsession with the dodo is well-documented, thanks to a TED talk he gave about his methodical recreation of the extinct bird’s skeleton—not an easy task, since no complete specimens of dodo skeletons exist. Today, in a video posted on Tested, he revealed that he’s not done with the dodo yet. Not long after Savage [...]

Giant skeleton from ancient Rome discovered

The first complete ancient skeleton of an individual with gigantism has been unearthed near Rome. At a time when the average height for a man was arou…

Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache

Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache – $23.95 (Bride and Groom sold separately) Are you looking for a way to celebrate your everlasting love? You need the Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache dolls from the NeatoShop. These enchanting Day of the Dead skeleton style sculptures are the perfect way to show that special someone that [...]

Inflatable Skeleton Cooler

Inflatable Skeleton Cooler – $29.95 Attention guys and ghouls! Halloween is right around the corner. Make sure you throw the coolest party ever with the bone chilling Inflatable Skeleton Cooler from the NeatoShop. This spooktacular coffin shaped tub is adorned with a sitting skeleton. It is sure to blow your guests away.  Be sure to check out [...]

New pterosaur species discovered

A previously unknown species of winged reptile dating back 155 million years has been unearthed. The fantastically preserved fossil skeleton was disco…

Ginormous Grow Skeleton

  Ginormous Grow Skeleton – $4.95 Is fear keeping you from living up to your true potential? Why grow a back bone when you can grow a whole skeleton with the Ginormous Grow Skeleton from the NeatoShop! Submerge the the Ginormous Grow Skeleton into a bucket of water and watch it grow to 300% of original size. Take [...]

DNA could unlock ‘Elephant Man’ mystery

Scientists are planning to extract DNA from Joseph Merrick’s skeleton in an attempt to diagnose him. It has been over a century since Merrick died age…

Anatomical Chart Paperweight

Anatomical Chart Paperweight – $16.95 (sold individually) Are you dead tired of the mess that is your desk? Make a precise and calculated move to take control of the situation with an Anatomical Chart Paperweight from the NeatoShop. These fantastic smooth glass paperweights feature retro anatomy drawings. They are perfect for subdividing and cutting clutter. The Anatomical [...]

Mona Lisa’s skeleton found ?

A complete skeleton discovered beneath a nunnery in Italy could belong to the Mona Lisa herself. The bones were unearthed below an altar within the de…

Most complete pre-human skeleton found

Palaeontologists have unearthed the most complete ever pre-human skeleton at a dig site in South Africa. The remains are believed to be a young member…